Saturday, April 11, 2009

Opening Day

Last night was Oliver's first game of the season. It was a scrimmage against a rival team. With a very light rain falling the air smelled like spring.

As I watched Oliver play I listened to the other dads comment about the players. Their comments were generally kind and generous. They were typically hardest on their own sons. As my son walked up to the plate, one of the dads jokingly questions whether he was 13 or 14. At 5'5'' and pushing 140 lbs, Oliver stands out from the other Little Leaguers. As does the way he goes about his business. I told the dad that Oliver was eating me out of house and home (how do 4 people go through 10 lbs of potatoes a week?) and assured him that he was indeed 12.

I then thought to son is 12? I remember when I was 12. Could 12 years have possibly passed since Oliver was born? Could 30 years...30 YEARS...have passed since I was 12? I remember when I was his age, it was a tough year, my dad had had bypass surgery, the Red Sox were out of the pennant race by mid-August, and Linda Sawyer decided she liked Jimmy Beaudreau better than me. It was also a time, as with Oliver, when I was on the verge of becoming a young man...with all the challenges and difficulties that come with that.

But what really struck me, was how quickly time passes. All of this happens so quickly. Before you know it, 12 years pass and you are looking at your son wondering where the little boy who went everywhere with you had gone. Of course he is right there...playing shortstop...but you see my point. He is in the spring of his life and, as a result, has no perspective on how quickly time passes. The best I can do is to urge him to get the most out of each day and to make sure that he knows which things are important in life.

As for was 30 years ago when I was 12...and I admit that there were many times when I did not spend that time wisely...Today I am going to watch my boys play ball...and then take my daughter on a walk. They are young only once. This time will pass and I don't want to look back on it with a regret that I did not enjoy my children.

Time passes quickly. Too fast to put off important things like enjoying your children, being with people you love, and enjoying all the good things the world has to offer. Tomorrow is Easter. I am going to spend the day with the six most important people in the world to me. I am going to make sure that my kids and my dear friend know this. Some things need to be said...and some things need to be goes by too quickly to do otherwise.


  1. AGREED! I can't even begin to understand how the hell my first biological child is already going to be 2 this year. It seemed like an eternity when she was in my belly, then after she popped out I blinked and she was 1!!! WTF?!!? I am very bad at trying to be a "slow" person. I rush rush everything in life. I have got to start trying to slow down.

  2. Tom... I loved this. It was sweet, heartfelt and made me smile remembering all the little bits of childhood that were so precious. Thanks for the reminder about the joy in simple things. :) Happy Easter to you.