Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New Bedford

Saturday I took the kids to New Bedford and we had a blast. We went to Carabiner's, a rock climbing gym, had burritos at No Problemo, went to the New Bedford Whaling National Park, and then had a half gallon of ice cream at my old apartment.

I had lived in New Bedford for two and a half years. I loved the city and I loved my apartment. It was a three bedroom place in a three family near Klasky Common. It was there that my kids and I became our own family and where they were able to see that their dad cared for them and was interested in making them comfortable and happy. There they were re-assured that they were going to remain at the center of my life. My kids and I had a Christmas tree for two of the Christmases I was there, we celebrated birthdays there, we did home work there. It was my home and I was proud of where I lived.

As we sat on the radiator in the parlor, we talked about the memories we each had of my old place. We were all a little sad, and yes, I wept a little. My kids liked that there was a park nearby, that we were a short drive to the beach, that their dad, and by extension, them, was an active member of a diverse community. They liked that their dad knew the park rangers by name.

My kids asked me about how I felt about moving. I told them that I was very pleased and very happy that they were living with me and that our new place made that possible. I also shared with them that I loved where I used to live, that the city and my old apartment were my home and that I would need to get used to living in a different place. We then talked about our new home in Abington. I was surprised that they were able to understand that it was possible to be sad about leaving the old place and excited abougt going to the new place. Not only did they understand that I was happy and sad at the same time...they also understood why.

Events almost overtook me but I made the move in time. I loved my old home and was not ready to leave. However, sometimes love means having to say goodbye before you are ready.

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