Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Always Look On The Bright Side of Life

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Check this out...www.youtube.com/watch?v=jHPOzQzk9Qo...it conveys perfectly my view on the topic at hand.

So Joey and I both had doctor's appointments today...but instead of glancing into the abyss I decided to do something different and look at the bright side of things...the sun is shining and I figured what the hell. However, recognizing who I am, I decided I needed help looking at the bright side of life. So first I called my friend Larry.

TP: "Morning Larry how are you?"

Larry: "F**k You Tom...its 6:15 in the morning (most of my friends swear...a lot)."

TP: "I know Larry, but I am looking for some help looking at the bright side of life...can you help?"

Larry: "Eat Sh*t and die Tom."

TP: "Not the advice I was looking for but thanks anyway Larry." (see if I get him a break on his loan)

I then decided to look to my kids for advice...while they have have my slanted view on life they are great kids and I hope that have not been tainted too much by my cynicism.

Dad: "Fi, what do you do to look at the bright side of life."

Fiona: "I think of bubbles"

Dad: "just bubbles?"

"yes...and the word bubbles. When I am sad I think of bubbles and the word bubbles."

"thanks Fi."

Dad: "Aidan how about you, what do you do to look at the bright side of life."

Aidan: "I think of the zorball I am going to buy when I have enough money."

Dad: "anything else."

Aidan: "when I am sad I think the sad things belong to someone else and I then feel better."

Dad: "oh" while thinking "thats my coping mechanism...I hope Aidan does not want me to pick up the co-pays on his therapy 20 years from now."

Dad: "how about you Oliver?"

Oliver: "mmmmmmm"

Dad: "Ollie?"

Oliver: "Leave me alone...I am texting Cassie."

Dad: "lovely" while thinking "pre teen hell...I am living in pre teen hell."

Before my appointments I wandered into work and asked Nick about how he keeps his spirits up. He told me "by making sure that I never see the bottom of my glass." Lovely. I should have known better as Nick keeps his spirits up with spirits.

The other guys at work had their own ideas about seeing the bright side of things...one gambles...the other fixates on business...another has an ongoing love affair with food...so I think my colleagues are an empty well for ideas.

I think what works for me...and is something I had gotten away from...is to try to enjoy every moment for what that moment offers. Lately it has been a struggle...but...it seems to work. Enjoy Every Sandwich is my motto...I need to remember that.

I almost forgot about it...Gretchen Smith...this is for you...:) Paste this and put in your browser and enjoy. http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=1730510.

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  1. Very nice article! Leave it to kids to keep things in perspective:) My mom used to own a private kindergarten and the kids alway came up with stuff to make your day brighter:)

    Nora from http://nochiprasblogspot.blogspot.com