Monday, March 23, 2009

My Friend

My friend and I spent Saturday ex wife....just me and my pal. Joey and I have been together for 14 years. I brought him home two days before my 28th birthday and he has owned me ever since.

He is not just a dog...he is my friend.

We went to our old home and gathered up a few things, cleaned, and then went for a walk. We went to the common and as he sniffed and patrolled his park, I sat on our bench, and watched. I thought to myself, remember this time...remember this moment. Watching him walk about, his tail wagging, his hind quarters aching, I know that our better days are behind us and that the sun will soon set on our friendship. But for today, for this moment, we are happy to be together and to have each others company.

We have shared much, Joey and I. He has been we with me through most of my major life events; the birth of my three kids, the disintegration of my marriage, separation, and divorce. He has shared with me the joy of being in love and has consoled me when I had to endure the sorrows of heartbreak.

Joey has been my companion, my counsel, my roommate, and my friend. He has been with me for each step I have taken towards being the man I am today. He is the one to whom I tell all my troubles well as my dreams and aspirations. He has brought joy into the lives of my children and others who are are dear to me. I cannot help but think of those we have met along the way these last few years who have made his life more comfortable and be thankful for both of us.

It is fitting now, in our final chapter, that my kids are with us. I see that once again, my kids enjoy his company as they call him into their room each night before they go to sleep. Watching his tail wag as he enters their room each night, I think that Joey enjoys their company as well.

So we sat in the early spring sun, we shared a lunch, and he dozed next to me as I quietly read poetry by Donne. Both of us content to be together and to enjoy the day.

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  1. You're gonna miss the old guy one day. Just read your profile - a cat that thinks its a dog! Thats not normal. He needs counselling.