Monday, May 4, 2009


I realized this morning that I have written about everyone in my family except for Spot. Spot is my cat. I have had him for almost as long as I have lived on my own.

As a confirmed dog lover I was less than enthused about having a cat...however, as one of my kids' cats had a litter my children thought it would be nice for me to have one of the kittens. I named him Spot...

Initially Spot was a disruption to my household. Joey would chase him around the apartment. Spot would spring from bookcase to chair to couch to chair to dining room table to hutch without one paw ever touching the ground. This would drive Joey crazy. Joey would spend hours trying to keep up with our young kitten. At first, I was annoyed that the quiet of my new home was disrupted by this cat of all things...but I came to realize that he was good for Joey and he was good for me. However, I think his true attachment is to my dog. Whenever I take Joey out I can hear Spot meowing for his friend. I hear nothing when I go out alone.

While I suspect he loves Joey more than me, Spot and I have grown very attached...he sits next to me at night, he seeks me out when I am upset, and he is a very good listener. He sleeps during the day and I often find him sitting on my bed, watching me, in the middle of the night. I find myself surprised that he has infiltrated my life to such an extent and that I have grown so attached to him. Certain pets and a few people have the uncanny ability to work their way into the cracks and seams of your life, providing a mortar that helps hold things together. I knew my dog had done this...I am surprised my cat has as well.

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