Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Mother's Day Memory

I must have been four or five. I know I was not yet in kindergarten and these were the days before we hustled off our kids to preschool at the earliest possible age. I remember a warm sunny day, much like the one we are enjoying today here in Massachusetts. My mother was sitting on the floor with me playing with me. We were playing with my blocks. I love fact I still do.

I remember feeling connected to her...that I was a part of her and she of me. It was, regrettably, a connection I did not often feel with either of my parents. For that afternoon, however, while playing on the floor, she was absorbed by my world, and looking back, I think she enjoyed that moment too.

We work too much, we worry about too many foolish things, we get so busy we forget to cherish those who are most important to us. We also fail to see that the simplest act, such as getting on the floor and playing blocks with a little boy can be a gesture that is cherished forever. The children you raise will carry memories of you and what you do and don't do for the rest of their lives. Proceed accordingly.

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  1. saying that really inspires me to sit with my son more who I feel i overlook sometimes...if you remember my post about "loving the unloved!" he always asks daddy to play with GIjoes, and he never does...maybe i ought to