Friday, February 26, 2010

Sarah Palin Made Me Think...Really

Last night, during a commercial break while watching the SyFy Channel, I flipped over to the next channel...where appropriately enough, is Fox News. And who was being interviewed by Sean Hannity? Sarah Palin.

Now I have learned from sad experience that the logic of most decisions made after midnight seldom holds up in the light of day. Last night's decision...or the conclusion I have drawn...makes even more sense now than it did when I made it. Its time to reconsider my voting habits.

I am a contrarian...its fun to be something of a conservative in Massachusetts and vote Republican as I am sure it would be fun to be a liberal and vote Democratic in Alabama. Additionally...its easy to vote Republican in Massachusetts...where most Republicans are typically socially liberal and fiscally conservative...and you don't have to hold your nose and deal with the religious right. Furthermore...the Republican Party in Massachusetts is ineffective to the point of harmlessness....I could comfortably host a dinner party for all of the Republican members of the State Legislature in my two bedroom apartment. But I digress.

About Sarah Palin...last night...while riding an ice cream high...I wondered to myself... What was John McCain thinking? Have I ever heard her express an idea using a compound sentence? I have I have ever heard her express an idea? Does she have super vision as she says she can see Russia from her house?

What was John McCain thinking indeed...I remember a conversation I had early last fall while sitting on my very good friend's back porch. I remarked that the conservatives used to be about ideas...think William F. Buckley they are about who can shout the loudest and pander the most...By the way...I am really, really, glad that I was induced into not voting for McCain...

I have never used this space to write about politics...and I hesitate to do it now...but sitting my home...watching Sarah Palin blather on sort pissed me off and made me laugh all at the same time. The issues we face are not simple...they are complicated...and cannot be reduced to a few talking points scribbled on one's hand. To argue otherwise is an insult to our intelligence to the extent to where it is almost is the idea of an empty headed hack who may or may not have super vision being taken seriously by anyone. Almost funny....but not quite.


  1. I have to say I agree. As I watched her campaign I often shook my head in disbelief ... I didn't get her. I couldn't understand how people could. She came to the table empty handed and it was impossible to take her seriously. Strange how she is still found to be fascinating by so many. Now THAT fascinates me!

  2. Amen. To this day, I ask Palin fans "Why?" I'm yet to get any sort of intelligent response. I'm not sure, as you said, whether to laugh at them or grow angry. So, I do the worse - both.

    That said, in the last election I refused to vote for either party's candidate, so I wrote in Bill Richardson. See where that got me ... and him?