Thursday, February 18, 2010

Namaste...I think....

My approach to Lent is different from that taken by many Catholics. Since I became a Catholic I have tried, during Lent, to acquire a positive characteristic rather than give up something. Usually, however, this impulse usually dies somewhere during the first burger I eat on a Lenten Friday.

Gathered around the table at a local diner last night, my kids and I talked about what we were up to over the last few days. The kids had spent the last three days and two nights at my brother's where my sister-in-law indulged their preferences for cupcakes and mac and cheese. In addition to being a great wife and mom she is a terrific aunt and always invites my kids over during vacations....this is a woman who already has four boys of her own.

Anyway...the conversation wheeled around to me...and I told them that I tried two new things while they were away...Indian food (which I have not had in twenty years) and yoga...that's Oliver...who is very good at piecing things together...asked the obvious question...why?

Why indeed. I gave him a sanitized and simple answer....because it could be good for me and because its good to try new things. Same with the Indian food...instead of relying on my usual diet of meat and potatoes (and chicken, fish, and pasta)...I wanted something different. Oliver...again...the one who is good at piecing things together...noted that I am creature of habit and routine and that I only accept new things with resistance. Even my daughter said " hate new things."

For my kids to have pegged me so accurately is more than a little unsettling. Stubbornness and resistance to change are not exactly flattering attributes. As I explained to my kids....there are times in life when its good to shake things up and try new things and to be open to the help and advice of others.

Being bounced from one doctor to another over the last few weeks has been an informative, albeit tiring, experience. That I need to take charge of my own self care is evident as is the fact that I need to listen to those around me whose well meaning and informed suggestions I have either poo pooed or ignored. New things can be good as is being open to good advice. the spirit of Lent...yes and a sleep health study....are on my menu...along with lamb somosa...except on Fridays.

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  1. I *love* yoga. And my students at school laugh and giggle at me when I tell them.

    Until we stretch at the beginning of cross country season.