Friday, September 4, 2009

Poked, Prodded, and Probed

I am cranky....and after what my doctor did to me this week without even buying me dinner you would be too. Not only did he not buy me dinner, he did not send me flowers nor did he kiss me on the forehead afterwards....

There are a group of doctors in Massachusetts who now know me in a way that no one else on the planet does. Actually....I am trying to make a joke out of what could have been a really bad thing....

Like a lot of guys my age, I walk around in a 40 something year old body thinking that I am still 15....then reality comes crashing in....or creeping in. I have not had a full physical in a few years and have never had my colorectal exam. I put should have had it last year but I never got around to it. Actually...I have been putting it off...until certain symptoms appeared about a month ago made it apparent that I needed to do something.

So after an exam earlier in the week revealed that "something" was "there" I was the lucky recipient of a special date with a special sort of doctor. During my date the doc found that the "something" were actually two polyps....

After they were removed and I woke up I got to hear a number of words that I had hoped to never hear...."your oncologist," "biopsy," and "precursor to colorectal cancer." After I threw up in my mouth I realized that they were going to check out the polyps to determine what was going on....and I got the news this morning...."precancerous cells" was the operative phrase.

So....I dodged a bullet. This time. What I offer in today's post is a cautionary tale regarding men's health and the dangers of putting off what really should be a routine examination...Don't screw around with this...otherwise you could end up in deep sh*t.

And I will let my doctor off the hook for not sending me flowers...this time.


  1. Bravo Tom! You just got a taste of the invasive exams women go through on a regular basis. And you are right -- you cannot let a little discomfort come between you and your health. Just think -- if you hadn't taken preventive measures, you may have received flowers of a different sort - but not been around to appreciate them! Hope other chaps take note and follow your lead. Bravo!

  2. Oh Tom... Thank God you are ok. Scary! I guess thats one nice thing about being married to a hypochondriac... my hubby is at the doctors atleast once every few months. He even knows the type of coffee the receptionists drink... he delivers when they squeeze him in to see his Dr. So really glad its ok...I would have been sad if you were sick!