Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Betwixt And Between

Have you ever felt like you were inbetween two places at the same time? This is where I find myself and upon further reflection i think I have been in this inbetween place for a long while...so here is an half hearted attempt to find a different place

Liminal places, like rotaries, doorways, or life's turning points have a way of disorienting and causing distress and confusion. What is new offers exciting possibilities at the expense of what is familiar and comforting.

So...I have decided to try to leave my liminal place, where I am neither here nor there and I am betwixt and between. I have been here for a while...but being betwixt and between is not a place where you should spend much time. Its time to walk through life's next doorway.

1 comment:

  1. Walk boldly through Tom - confidently and purposefully - and don't look back. The future is in front of you and often there are more than a few doors that take us where we need and want to be. FAITH!