Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Girl In My Life

I first met her more than ten years ago. From the moment I saw her I knew I loved her. She had piercing blue eyes that saw right through me and her face lit up whenever she saw me. I cannot imagine feeling the same way about anyone else. She will always have a special place in my heart

Circumstances are such where we do not have much opportunity to spend much time alone so we try to take advantage of those few opportunities when they present themselves. Last night we were presented such an opportunity.

I prepared a grilled dinner for us on the balcony and as we ate we talked about our week and what was going on in our lives. We then went out window shopping. When we got back home we shared our favorite drink together, hot chocolate with a giant scoop of chocolate ice cream.

My little girl and I share a special bond, a bond, from what I gather, many fathers and daughters share. While I love my boys dearly there is something special about my relationship with Fiona. It is a relationship filled with joy and rife with responsibility. Where with my boys I am responsible for teaching them how to be men, with my daughter I need to show her how men should treat her. This may be an antiquated idea, but its a responsibility I feel keenly, especially as she is starting to mature.

Opportunities such as the one we had last night are rare, and will become rarer still as she gets older. However, while she may not be a child forever, she will always be my little girl.


  1. First off, I love Fiona's name (I am assuming that is her real name???) I do not know if bonds differ with boys verses girls since I only have girls... but I do know that my girls revel in every moment they spend with their father (and they see him every day). I hope he (and you) enjoy it because he is not prepared for the anxiety that he will experience in a few years as he has 3 teenage girls (who, might I add, are heartbreakers already.)

  2. OMG.... Tom! Beautifully written! Really. Amazing and she will LOVE to read this when she gets older. How true that you should teach her how to be treated by a man!Perfect. Thanks for helping put a smile on a frowny face today!

  3. Wonderful post Tom about a dad's love for his little lady. I can see you are making a point of appreciating these special moments -- for they will be more fleeting as she gets older ... but as a mom of 3 girls I can tell you, no one ever takes daddy's place!