Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Swarm of Locusts

Two Pounds of Pasta

3 pounds of Meatballs

1 loaf of Italian Bread

1 Salad

1 Batch of Brownies

4 Liters of Soda

1 Half Gallon of Ice Cream

That is what my kids and my three nephews consumed last night for dinner. It was a wild day here yesterday. I got my nephews at my brother's office at 10:00. Grabbed my kids from a sleepover at my ex brother-in-law's at 12:00. Brought them back to my place to find a pizza delivery guy at the door (the ex wife ordered pizza for us...more about the reason for her good mood in tomorrow's post). And then we had an afternoon of whiffle ball (in the rain) and swimming in the pool.

I took time in the afternoon to pull dinner together. I had made the meatballs and sauce the night before and had picked up bread earlier in the day. I was concerned that I was making too much food. Hahaha....boy was I wrong. Those six kids descended on my dining room table like the world was about to run out of food and they needed to get their share. Dinner was wiped out in ten minutes. As it was evident that there was going to be barely enough food for dinner I had a bowl of raisin bran.

The kids played outside until 8:00 and then I threw them in the pool again. My six year old nephew had enough sense to fall asleep at 9:00. My daughter was asleep at 11:00. I had to have the boys shut off the Wii and go to bed at 12:30. They were awake until 1:00. My six year old nephew got me up at 5:45. He saw that we had Star Wars here and had to watch it at 5:45. He is letting me watch it with him, however I upset him earlier as I have seen the movie about seven hundred times over the last ten months and am able to recite much of the movie from memory. He would rather hear the actual actors say their lines rather than his uncle. So I have found another person who does not appreciate my talents.

So I am off to make lunches for our trip to Boston to see the Tall Ships. I am going to bring some raisin bran for me.

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  1. Great story! Nothing like a swarm of growing kids to clean out the cupboards, and the fridge ...