Friday, July 10, 2009

My Brother

My brother is a regular guy who goes to a regular job. He has a regular house, with four regular kids, and a regular wife. He has a regular life.

I used to think that guys like my brother were...well....saps. While I worked my deals from my home, the beach or from California, my brother was at his desk. While I was dating artists, dancers, or soccer moms, my brother went home to his wife. While I got to enjoy being both a bachelor and a dad, my brother brother got to enjoy the privilege of being a great father and an awesome husband.

I was at his office the other day dropping off his boys from their visit with me. Along his sideboard are a bunch of photographs chronicling his family life. The images of my brother, his wife, and his three (now four) boys told the story of a loving family dedicated to each other. On his desk were the remnants of my brother's lunch. Apparently he had forgotten his lunch that morning so his wife made the 40 mile round trip to make sure he had something to eat. Keep in mind that this woman gave birth two weeks ago.

My brother will never be rich or powerful but he is one of the most successful men I know. Looking at his life I find myself wondering who is really is a sap.


  1. Success is not about the cashola. In fact, those who aim only for the big bucks, the big house and the girl with the biggest boobs...well, that just never seems to = happiness.

    I'd give my left arm, quite possibly my right, for your brother's life. I don't date anymore, I hated the "singles" scene although I played the part to get by and although I always say, "I'm just fine being single" it's because that is what I am used to and I truly think I've had my chances.

    THIS was your most spectacular post. This is the one I'll come back to read.

    Bottom line: the use of the word "regular" = "fantastic" There's nothing "regular" about your brother and his wife. They are the American dream. Or at least mine.

  2. Great post Tom. Sometimes it's those regular achievements that make our life fulfilling -- and that can be most elusive. Nicely expressed -- a little sappy -- but nicely said. : )