Sunday, July 5, 2009


Lately my oldest son has faced a series of really grown up issues. The latest concerns a friend of his he has known since kindergarten. This is a really sweet kid who has been Oliver's best friend for years. He has stayed at my house, I have cooked him dinner, and he has been a constant in my son's life.

This spring this boy started to experience some difficulty which made him sometimes uncomfortable to be around. He reached out to Oliver and my son responded by sticking by his friend, spending hours on the phone with him and even visiting him in the hospital. I was very proud of him.

Recently I learned that this boy was hospitalized again, however, Oliver had not been in touch with his friend for a few weeks. I nudged and poked and prodded him until the other day when he told me why he had not spoken to his friend. Oliver told me that he was uncomfortable talking to his friend and that he (his friend) was not acting like himself.

I tried my best to explain to Oliver that people go through good times and bad times in life. I explained to him that to be a friend means to stick with your friends even when they are going through hard times. I was brutally honest with Oliver when I told him that the last thing his pal needed was to have his best friend run away from him.

We discussed his friend a bit more and he decided to call him. Right now Oliver is one a sleepover at his friend's home. They were both delighted to see each other when I dropped Oliver off yesterday afternoon. I am delighted that I have a son who sticks with his friends.

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  1. that's totally awesome! my best friend in the whole world has had so many problems, serious problems involving me. I stuck with her and I know that she is still alive because I was there for her. she needed a good honest friend.