Sunday, April 11, 2010

Joey and Me

Early on Sunday mornings we would get up and go to the reservoir for doggy play group. Standing with other dog owners from the neighborhood I would watch my puppy race around our little patch of woods next to the Chestnut Hill Reservoir. There were times when Joey would knock the legs out from under his dane friend and other times when he would crawl under the fence and would go for a dip in the reservoir. I had a puppy and he was a lot of fun

Ten years later, up to my neck in kids, laundry, dishes, and work, Joey and I would spend a few minutes each Sunday morning in the backyard. I had to be careful and keep an eye on Joe as he was prone to pick up a scent and follow it wherever it took him. More than once I lost track of him and had to follow him into the woods to find him. While he always made his way home he seemed to like going off on his little adventures. Even though he was older I still saw my friend as a puppy....

Two and a half years ago, Joey and I would spend our Sunday mornings on Klasky Common. I would bring a section of the paper with me and Joe would sniff around the Common. We would sometimes walk downtown...but I was careful not to go too far as I knew Joey tired more easily than he once did. It took my ex girlfriend and her gift of an orthopedic bed for Joey to realize that my friend had moved from middle to old age...During this time Joey no longer belonged to me....I belonged to him.

More than a year ago, while Joey struggled to navigate her hardwood took my erstwhile dear former get me to realize that I was not dealing with an old friend was now elderly...and that I had to be ready for that day when I would have to do the right thing.

This Sunday morning Joey is asleep next to me. His puppy days and his going out for a walk days are far behind us. My friend still comes to the door when I get home. He still puts his head in my lap. He still begs for food...last night he got much of the steak I had grilled for us. He still listens to me...and I try to listen to him. What he is telling me is that he is no longer uncomfortable...he is in pain.

We are going to the vet tomorrow...and I know that Joey's vet may well think that it is to do the right thing for my best friend. And if not tomorrow...then soon.

I wonder what Sundays will be like then...


  1. Oh I don't envy you when that time comes. It is the one thing that I dread about having a pet. But hubby always reminds me that the benefits outweigh the pain. Give Joey a hug for me!

  2. So sorry to hear that you're losing a dear friend.

  3. UGH. :( dogs are the best....and it's just not easy to let go. Hope you're ok.