Tuesday, March 9, 2010


It had been what only could be generously described as a rough night. In bed too late morning came all too early...ok...mid morning came all too early. And then...more than half asleep...I felt as though I was being watched. I rolled over and I was nose to nose to nose with my cat and my dog. Joey...my dog...looked particularly anxious for me to get up.

Knowing that fifteen year old doggy bladders are particularly impatient I quickly got up, slipped on my slippers, and hustled Joey downstairs. We barely made it...but made it we did. Joey has been unusually spry of late. He has been bounding down the stairs when I have taken him out and the previous night he snatched a hamburger from off of the counter. Additionally...he refuses to let me out of his sight...

I know that Joey does not know I have had some issues of late (Spot, my cat, is a different story). But during the last few weeks it does seem as though that Joey is mustering what youthful energy he has left and that he is somehow extending himself. But again...I know Joey does not know.

However, other friends, those of the two legged variety, have been as vigilant. In particular, a dear friend from elementary school and one from college have reminded me that some relationships endure for life. Friends of a more recent vintage have given me the gifts of perspective and a renewed openness to new things and ideas. Even my ex wife...whom I have given much reason of late to jump ship...has offered friendship and support. All of them have arrived on the scene just in time.

At the drop of a hat I have gone to emergency rooms, held hands late at night, and have been the voice of reason at the end of a phone line. In the name of friendship I have thrown myself into situations that I knew were dangerous for me. All of that was easy in comparison to my finding myself on the receiving end of friendship.

Needing help is awkward, receiving it is humbling, accepting it is difficult. And lately...I have had much about which to feel awkward and humble.

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  1. Beautifully put. I often think, when contemplating friendship, about Lenny and George from Of Mice and Men,and the ultimate self sacrifice George makes at the end of the novel. Friendship is easy to give, but man, it can be - as you eloquently put it - so humbling and flattering to receive.