Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer Vacation

My kids started summer vacation in earnest this week. As my ex wife's health precludes her from driving we decided that the kids should remain with me for most of the week. I have not decided whether having the kids here will help or hurt my efforts to resume working...oddly...I find myself not really caring either way and plan to enjoy the summer regardless.

However...I might need to take a vacation for myself in September if yesterday is any indication of what my summer is going to be like.

5:30 Got up, ingested coffee, stared into the abyss, started work.

7:00 Fiona woke up. She insisted that I make her breakfast, call her friend, and pay attention to her.

9:00 Called Soccer Mom Friend and arranged for play date for Fiona with her daughters.

9:30 Went fishing with Aidan...took three work phone calls

10:00 Soccer Mom Friend picked up Fiona

10:30 - 12:30 Worked

12:30-1:30 Had homemade taco lunch with the boys

2:00-3:00 Errands...picked up repaired bicycle, went sneaker shopping for Oliver, drank more coffee.

3:00-4:30 Bowling with the Boys

5:00-7:00 Dinner at the Soccer Mom friend's house with the kids...Soccer Mom told me that hubby wants to use another mortgage broker for the purchase of their new home. I am plotting my revenge.

7:00-8:00 Worked

8:00-9:30 Hung with Kids

9:30-11:00 Read, putz, had a drink, stared into the abyss, fell asleep in my chair....

I am fortunate that much of my work can be done outside of business hours and that most of my clients can be reached via email. Balancing work and my kids has always been a challenge...particularly now as I try to rebuild my pipeline which is almost empty as a result of the two month hiatus I took from work.....

Today is shaping up to be a similar day but with an oh so entertaining twist. Aidan went into my room this morning...woke me up...told me it was was actually 5:00...I am plotting my revenge.


  1. Oh... it has only begun my friend! Totally need a mortgage but just dont know if even a miracle would get us one in todays economy!

  2. You better book that vacation! Enjoy your summer with the kids.