Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Half Days

On Sunday night and Monday morning I set up a game plan for the first half of the week. I make appointments, arrange my life, and develop a plan for as much of the week as I can. Today I had planned to be in New Bedford, developing a new business relationship (yes...I do work occasionally) and I had made lunch plans with a friend.

These plans were blown up last night by pronouncement from the back set of the car. "You remember that we have a half day tomorrow Dad...don't you?" Not only did I not remember, I did not even realize they had a half day. Seriously, what school, public or parochial, schedules a half day with less than two weeks left in the school year. So last night was spent frantically re-arranging my day...fortunately everyone understood. The business meeting will take place in the afternoon and the lunch plans turned into drinks later on in the week...

So this morning I am presented with a choice; make snacks, roll out the uniforms, and hustle the kids off for a half day of school....or....let them sleep late, take them to the pool, and then ask their mom to watch them for the afternoon...I decided to let them sleep late and then tell them that we are going to play hooky from school. There is no harm in giving them an early taste of summer vacation. I only wish I had a slip and slide...


  1. aw what a cool dad. so were they so excited!?!?

  2. We just got some new sprinklers and a slip and slide this week... too bad it's going to rain all week!