Monday, June 29, 2009


Its raining...again. Of the last eight months this has been the cruelest month of all. After a long, cold, damp New England winter and a dreary, muddy spring, I had looked forward to a gloriously sunny June. I anticipated trips to the beach, bike rides, outside dinners, and hot nights sitting on my balcony enjoying homemade sangria. Instead I find myself craving pot roast, chili, and chicken soup.

So its monsoon season here in New England. Good weather days are measured by or not it rains and not whether the sun is out. If the reports from their mother are accurate I am going to have three full blown cases of cabin fever on my hands once my kids arrive here later in the day. I am not yet into my second week of summer vacation and I have already exhausted many of my indoor entertainment options. We have baked, played cards, played checkers, watched movies, painted, built birdhouses, and watched TV. I have access to an indoor pool but I think they are getting tired of that as well. I find that I am able to deal with cabin fever in January but not in June.

My parent pals find themselves in the same boat. A friend of mine whom I saw over the weekend has his kids engaged in gathering wood for his still (no typo here...he makes his own spirits...which is one of several reasons he is my friend). Another sends her kids out into the rain regardless of the weather (I would need a cattle prod to get my Oliver and Fiona out in lousy weather). I know a mom who is already in despair and another with whom I have not yet spoken to this summer whom I imagine is ready for the nuthouse. I am afraid if I drove past her house I would see a sign posted in the front yard "Two boys...Free to a Good Home."

Unfortunately, that is not a solution available to me as I have already tried it and failed to find buyers for my children as their mother insisted on being part of the deal. But seriously I think its time that somebody asks management to let up on the least for a week...or until I can sell my kids.


  1. Mine are going to summer camp but I know the camp is getting tired of hosting indoor activities also!

  2. Hi Tom, My name is Tony and I have a new blog on much the same subject. It's called "The Single Dadhood". My perspective is slightly different as I'm the parent with sole custody, my ex- choosing to be pretty much out of the picture for the last 5 years... That said, I want to tell you how much I enjoy your blog and you have made me feel that I was a bit harsh in my first posting to joint-custody single dads. I will re-think and re-write I, er, think... Come by for a read if you get a chance. Cheers! Tony Varrone