Sunday, June 20, 2010

For Father's Day

My ex wife...God Love I think was an attempt to help my kids devise a Father's Day plan...asked me the other day what I wanted to do for Father's Day...and I told her..."for Father's Day I want to be the dad I want to be..."

She rolled her eyes and walked away....

I suppose I could have made something up to provide her with a more satisfactory answer...but my enigmatic reply had two annoyed my ex...and it was true.

Today... I want to be the dad I want to be.

I was fortunate...even when I was very little my own father provided me with numerous examples that helped me early on to figure out what kind of dad I wanted to be. And while I continue to apply many of those lessons from my early childhood I have learned that parenting is a one day at a time, step by step affair, and that what "works" today may not work tomorrow.

So about an hour I will pick up my kids, we will go out for breakfast, and then back my place for an afternoon which I am sure will include food, basketball, sidewalk chalk, and petty squabbling. In other words, a typical afternoon at Dad's. And during this time with my kids I hope to be the dad I want to, engaged, tolerant, watchful, appreciative and thankful for the individuals my children are becoming.

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  1. I hope your Fathers Day was all you wished it to be..