Thursday, June 3, 2010


I that I have Internet access...ensconced in my new home.


The last week has been one taken up by sifting, sorting, packing, hauling, lugging, shoving, arranging, tossing, swearing, and moving. And through much of the sifting, sorting, packing, hauling, lugging, shoving, arranging, tossing, swearing, and moving my son Oliver was with me and not merely for company...he helped.

My son and I moved down three flights of stairs and onto a truck and into my new place one sofa, three chairs, a kitchen table, four kitchen chairs, four mattresses...and on and on it went. Doing this together was fun...well...almost fun. However, it was a gratifying experience to have my boy help me not because he had to...but because he wanted to be my partner in this...and at 5 feet 6 inches and the strength of a horse he was able to...and with more smarts and maturity than I sometimes give him credit for, he was able to see the wisdom in my decision to move. Besides...where I now live has a basketball hoop.

That my kids played a role in choosing where I live and that they helped me move I think will help them with the transition through which all four of us are going. Together, as a family, we discussed what moving meant and how our lives would change, we celebrated the end of this period in our lives, and together we are starting a new chapter.

In my last night at the old place, sitting in my camp chair, listening to my old radio much like I had that first night away from my kids almost four years ago, it very much felt like that I was at the end of a chapter. I am deeply grateful to the people who helped me write this chapter in the life of my family. They...and you...have helped me and my children through what was often a difficult and challenging time. Additionally, have helped prepare me to be ready to find our future and to look forward to that future with much enthusiasm and with great hope.


  1. Let me be the first to say congratulations on your new home. This can be an opportunity for fresh starts and offloading of baggage. Enjoy and make lots of new memories in your new home Tom.

  2. It's all about the basketball hoop!!!
    Welcome to your future!