Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Dad's Day

There are days when all things seem possible...and then there are others when being able to make it through the day feels like a heroic achievement. And there are other days that are a mixture of the aforementioned...this was one of those days.

Wednesdays is one of the days of the week where I have my kids so rather than easing into the day as is my preference I need to hit the ground running. After a breakfast of bacon, eggs, toast, and hot chocolate I dropped the kids off at school...yes...I did come to a complete stop before kicking them out of the car.

I worked until about 6:00...picked up the kids at their mom's and then back home for dinner (homemade soup and grilled cheese sandwiches), homework, squabbling kids, and my dog going number two on my carpet. Three loads of laundry later, one closed loan, a lousy movie, I found myself in a less than sunny mood.

I suppose more than anything else I am tired. And of all the things I am tired of I am tired of putting one foot in front of another. While there are sunny spots....breakfast with my kids was one of them....watching Ollie at practice was another...lately the burdens of parenthood seem to weight heavily.

On the bright side I renewed a dormant friendship and got some good advice that somehow made things a bit easier. My friend reminded me that life is supposed to be hard. And then there are times that are harder than others. Accepting this somehow makes it easier.

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  1. Tom -- don't despair. I remember the years that I had three children under the age of 9 wih a busy career as a sales and marketing manager. I can honestly say that I felt tired for ten years! Life was a blur of laundry, shopping, cooking, cleaning, school events,drop offs, pick ups, arrangements, homework, arguing with the kids, and tripping over toys, sandwiched in between dinner meetings, doctor appointments, work conferences, and (extended) family obligations.

    The good news -- as the kids get older and more self sufficient, life gets easier. The bad news is that time will fly by quickly and in ten or fifteen years or so you will find your house much quieter ... and you will miss the chaos. Parenting is one of the most challenging, exhausting but fulfilling roles you will ever have.

    Take comfort in knowing that you are among many who share the same struggle and conflicting feelings. Like I said -- there is a light at the end of the tunnel. : )