Sunday, August 9, 2009

New Wine In New Skins

I have gotten used to quiet Sundays. With the exception of a a two month interlude, I have had Sundays to myself for the better part of a year. No kids, no demands, no expectations, just me and 24 whole hours to myself. What will I do...

I have spent these Sunday's in a variety of ways...for the last few months my Sundays have more or less involved the Boston Globe, hanging out with my dog and cat, and a traditional breakfast of tacos and eggs....(I did not say traditional to where).

This morning is a little different as I spent this morning with my resume. I hate my resume especially now as I have found that my profession has evaporated out from under me and that I need to do something different...what I am not exactly sure of but seeing as how homelessness is not an option I had better come up with something.

It is at around this time of year I make peace with the year I am having and surrender to whatever message the Universe is trying to send me. Today, at 4:20 in the morning, I believe I have figured out what the Universe is trying to tell me...New Wine In New Skins...which more or less something new, take new approaches, and give up on what isn't working. This, as I am sure you know, it easier said than done.

I think that a lot of us would rather hang on to what we know, even if it isn't working, rather than move on and try something new. I certainly am guilty of I find that I can barely see straight after banging my head against the same wall for the past....hmmmmm...I have forgotten how long I have been banging my head against this wall but I have given up trying to break it down with my skull. I am with my resume...considering starting a new career...and contemplating life behind a desk in a cubical somewhere...frankly the thought is depressing the hell out of me but it is clearly time to do something different...which is going to be a challenge. However, I I know the hardest part will be giving up on what does not old habits die hard.

New wine in new skins.

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  1. hang in there... I know you will find what you are looking for... and keep us all posted!