Monday, August 17, 2009

Jump Starting My Brain

Its 11:00 in the morning and I have been up since 5:30. Today's major accomplishment has been taking Joey out before he did numbers 1 and 2 on the hardwood floor. Writing on my blog is the obvious next step.

As I wait for my second pot of coffee to kick in I decided to spend a few minutes emptying out a few of my brain's junk drawers.

  • Why is it that Facebook continually suggests that I add as a friend one woman I emailed five times I met once ages ago? Is Facebook trying to tell me something about this girl?
  • Conversely, why is not Facebook recommending someone I have emailed hundreds of times and seen dozens of times?
  • How come every half gallon of milk I buy goes bad for the expiration date. I keep my refrigerator at almost Arctic temperatures. I am also not the only person who has this problem.
  • That you can now buy eggs that come from chickens fed on a vegetarian diet makes you wonder what the other chickens are being fed.
  • I am very concerned that there are only 36 days left of summer.
  • Can you go through serotonin and dopamine withdrawal? I think you can...
  • I have more than 300 channels on my cable TV and I still end up watching Andy Griffith Show re-runs every night.
  • My fourteen and a half year relationship with my dog represents the longest unbroken adult relationship I have ever had.
  • My morning coffee is more important to me than my evening cocktail. Thank God.
There is more emptying to do....but the coffee has kicked in so its time to ride that caffeine induced wave of ambition for as long as I can.


  1. Dude.. you think way too much in the morning :-)

  2. I am very concerned about this whole summer thing... considering it just started last week!!! Summer seemed WAYYYY longer when I was a kid, I feel like my poor kids are shorted.

    I haven't seen sour milk in years... we go through a galloon per day here! My girls are addicts.